A Note on Love


We live in a world where dogs are chased by cats.

Experiencing odd events in life don’t matter a lot. In fact, they automatically adapt to the norms. That’s how the world doesn’t make sense. We, ourselves, try to create our own ambiguities which, nevertheless, become a natural things to do. Other people attempt to unravel these complications and some leave them as they are. This is when the funny part goes inside the pond of still water.

People have different opinions and insights that, one way or another, can meet but we still persist on making our own as better than the other. Crab mentality as they would label such. Yet so complication, something in the middle of the web establishes a common ground and this is the point of the entire blog — love.

Words such as war, violence, hatred, anger, etc. never existed in the first place because the only reason why they were generated is the absence of love. People try to mold their views regarding this matter. Society defines love with several different types, which truly, doesn’t make any sense at all. It all boils down to one thought and we don’t need to rock the boat in order to sink in to this point.

The truth of the matter is that – with all the love that is classified – there are only two kinds: Man’s Love & God’s Love. (I guess there’s no animal, plant or alien love for that sense)

As a human being, we are created in the image and likeness of God. Fact: our true self is a spirit and that spirit is God-breathed. And by the way, that’s a perfect creation but with our fleshly desires and “will”, we end up committing mistakes over and over again. What is needed is to strip away the flesh and build the spirit. Anyway, going back, we are not perfect as human beings. How much more is man’s love? So in this light, we are left with the latter kind.

God’s love is the perfect love no one could grasp. His love is so big that it’s radiance doesn’t only cover the earth but the entire universe. So big that He gave His only Son to prove it.



What do you think?

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