Davao City

Peace. Prosperity. Power. These three words are summed up in one city – Davao City. Its peacefulness as a city in Mindanao proves its worth as the most livable city in the country. In a larger scope, it is among the top 20 most livable cities in Asia. It has been a popular city around the globe with its powerful mayor (formerly Rodrigo Duterte; now, daughter Sara Duterte) who walks in justice for the people in the metropolis.

With the land area of approximately 2,443.61 square kilometers, Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines that even Metro Manila needs to be tripled in order to match its largeness. According to the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine, which is the news and foreign direct investment publication by The Financial Times Ltd, this city is known to be the 10th Asian City of the Future.

With all these presented, Davao City is indeed one of the must-go places in the country.

How to pay:

Philippine Peso

There is a market in the central downtown area, Aldevinco Shopping Center, which offers various currency conversions and sought-after tourist items for gift purposes and pasalubong (Filipino term for “keepsakes,” “goodies,” or “presents”).

How unique:

The term davao is named after the Davao River. The ethnic groups had several name versions of the river. They called it Davo, Davau, Duhwow (trading settlement), Dabu, and Davoh (beyond the high grounds). Finally, it was then called the Davao River. That was how the name of the city was coined. The inhabitants of the city are called Davaoeños.

Where to go:

Although Davao’s airport is an international airport, it is still developing its stead. Anyone can go to the city by going on board from the country’s international airports like Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay and Mactan International Airport.

Upon reaching the city, there are various tourist spots that must be visited. The modes of transportation in the city are taxicabs, jeepneys, tricycles, small boats, buses and vans. Here is a list of some notable tourist spots:

  • Crocodile Farm (Riverfront, Diversion Highway)
  • Davao Museum (C.M. Recto)
  • Eden Nature Park (Toril)
  • Mindanao Taoist Temple (J.P. Cabagiuo)
  • Battle Memorial (Mintal Elementary School)
  • Davao City Hall (San Pedro)
  • Japanese Tunnel (Matina)
  • People’s Park (Palma Gil)
  • Philippine Eagle Center (Malagos)

When to go:

Although the city does not use fireworks for celebration, the Kadayawan sa Davao festival is the most awaited event in the year. It is usually celebrated in the middle of August. The name of the festival came from the term madayaw which is a usual salutation used by Davaoeños.

What to do:

It is best to experience the pride of Davao which is the durian fruit. It is famed for its distinctive smell and thorny green covering. Several businesses also expanded this pride with different kinds of versions such as durian ice creams, shakes, coffees, candies and many more. Another thing to experience is talking with the mayor. There are also cafés and malls available for shopping and entertainment.

Tourist tips:

Commuting around the city is not a problem because, even if the city is the largest, streets are easy to remember. Bringing a map is also recommended in order to have a much easier transit experience. In addition, Davao is a non-smoking city.


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