Dumaguete City

Dubbed as the “City of Gentle People”, Dumaguete City is known to have a rich multi-faceted culture mainly influenced by a combination of Spanish, American and Chinese civilizations. These influences were determined by the different academic institutions that were established in the city such as Saint Paul University (Spanish), Silliman University (American) and Holy Cross (Chinese).

Presented with various intercultural exchanges, the city is definitely worth visiting.

How to Pay:

Philippine Peso

How Unique:

The local residents of the city are called “Dumagueteños”. The city is known with a lot of epithets. One of which is the “City of Gentle People” because people are said to be peace-loving, hospitable, respectful and good-natured. As recorded in statistics, the least number of terrorists can be found in this area. If there are terrorists, Dumaguete is their place of rest; not a place for conquest. Foreigners love to visit the city especially during holidays.

Furthermore, Dumaguete is also called the “University Town” because it holds about four recognized university institutions in the country — Silliman, St. Paul, NORSU, and Foundation. Students dominate the population in the area. When school days are off, you can see that there are only a few people roaming around the town. When classes start, brace yourself. The synergy of the whole bunch of students breaks the relaxed lifestyle of the city.

Where to go:

The city is abundant with several historical landmarks and recreational establishments. Whether a day tour or a night life, Dumaguete can feed all those tourist-hopping cravings. Here’s the thing. The establishments around the metropolis can be circled in half a day. Not just because the place is small, but because the facilities can easily be found and identified–and maybe because the place is small. Anyway.

The following is a list of suggested places that an interested tourist can go to:

  • Hayahay
  • Barefoot
  • Robinson’s Place Dumaguete
  • Lee Super Plaza
  • Cathedral Church
  • Rizal boulevard
  • Bell Tower
  • Tierra Alta
  • Quezon Park
  • Freedom Park
  • Gabby’s bistro
  • Why Not Music Box
  • Café Mamias
  • Bethel Guest House
  • Sans Rival
  • Café Antonio

When to go:

The city is known for its “Kabulakan Festival”. In other words, a “flower” festival. Held during summer days particularly in the month of May, Kabulakan is a must-experience celebration as celebrities are invited to march their way on a parade. As early as 12 noon, people already gather in the streets to get their best view of the event.

What to do:

Barbecue chicken reigns supreme in Dumaguete. There are several BBQ hotspots at the Silliman Avenue, and smaller evening operations set up along Rizal Boulevard. Moreover, best steaks can be found in famous restaurants still located in the boulevard area: Mamias, Don Atilano, Le Chalet, etc.

Tourist tips:

Almost all accommodations are within walking distance to the market and town plaza. There are taxis that can get you from the airport to the city proper. But nothing beats the Dumaguete experience using “tricycles”. Tricycle drivers make the trip with baggage from the seaport to the pueblo with about 10-20 pesos only.

With all these being said, Dumaguete is definitely a must-go place in the country.


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