Dapitan City

“Ang kabataan ay pag-asa nga bayan (the youth is the hope of the nation),” says Jose P. Rizal, Philippine National Hero. This is one of the most significant quotes of the national hero who may not have fought in the physical battle but rather, in powerful words that awakened the spirit of every Filipino.

Rizal hailed from “Shrine City of the Philippines,” Dapitan City. Its history became remarkably rich because of Rizal who was exiled in the city. He built a hospital for those who seek healing, school for the illiterate and water supply system for clean potable water consumption of the people in Dapitan. As a teacher, doctor and engineer, he has been very significant not only in the city but in the world as well. This was during the Spanish colonization.

When Jose Rizal died, Dapitan City erected the Rizal Shrine as commemoration of his heroic deeds for the country.

How to pay:

Philippine Peso

How unique:

The city is not only unique because of the heroic existence of Jose Rizal. It is also unique for the fact that as people come to the city, they relive history. As they walk along the streets of the Rizal’s residential home, they are transported back in time. At the Rizal shrine, there are also people who spend the time of their lives in dedication for Jose Rizal. These people are referred to as the Rizalians. Their belief rotates and revolves around Rizal as their divine messiah.

The etymology of the city name comes from the Cebuano term, dapit, which means “to invite.” Furthermore, Dapitan City is a twin city of Litoměřice, Czech Republic.

Where to go:

Generating an itinerary for a trip to Dapitan is not a bit of a problem. The tourist spots of the city are notable and accessible. Three of the most popular tourist attractions are the Rizal Shrine, Dakak Park Beach Resort and Gloria’s Fantasyland.

The modes of transit in the city are motorcycles for hire, tricycles, vans, jeepneys and mini-buses. Going to the city can be by airplane or ferry boats.

When to go:

The best time to go to Dapitan City is during the Hudyaka Zanorte Festival. This festival is celebrated from late May to early June. Huyaka means revelry or celebration while Zanorte is a combination of “Zamboanga” and “del Norte.”

What to do:

Spending time with friends and families in Dakak is a memorable experience. Some people refer this beach resort as a mini-Boracay (best white sand beach in the Philippines) because it also has white fine sand. However, it is a man-made beach. Dakak offers jet skiing, banana boat riding, and many more. It also has hiking extensions for adventurers and trekkers.

Tourist tips:

Taking a vacation in a group lessens the expense of the entire trip. Hotels and lodging houses in the city usually offers discounted price for groups – a minimum of ten. It is better to avail of the package deals when going to Dakak because these packages offer a tour around the Gloria’s Fantasyland with free rides.


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