Manila City

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It is the second most populated city after Quezon City. For more than one and a half million people in an area less than 40 square kilometers, Manila is known to be the most densely populated city in the whole world.

Manila is considered to be the Chief Seaport of the Philippines because it has an remarkable harbor that is given optimum protection. The seaport is also the most fully engaged in the world industry. The work done includes transportation in import and export of electronic goods, chemicals, clothing and artifacts.

The most identifiable landmark of the city is the Rizal Park. It is where the monument of the national hero (Jose P. Rizal) was erected in 1913.

How to pay:

Philippine Peso

How unique:

The history of the city traces back to the 10th century when it was described as an Indianized Kingdom. This is for the reason that the city had an intimate connection with the Kingdom of Medang, Ancient Japan and Song Dynasty in China. The word Manila was coined from the phrase that refers to an area where a shrub called nilad grows. The phrase was may nilad. Later on, it changed to maynila and eventually became manila.

The language spoken by the natives is Filipino. This sometimes create an ambiguity because the term filipino has two meanings. First is “Filipino” as a person who lives in the Philippines while the second meaning is “Filipino” as a language. As a language, its system is patterned from the tagalog language. This is the national language that serves as the lingua franca of the Filipinos.  The inhabitants of the city are called Manilans or Manileños.

Where to go:

Below is a list of tourist spots and must-go places of the city:

  • Rizal Park
  • Fort Santiago
  • Bahay Tsinoy
  • Rizal Memorial Track and Football Stadium
  • National Museum of the Philippines
  • Intramuros
  • National Library of the Philippines
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • Quirino Grandstand
  • Pacific Manila

When to go:

Nothing matters a lot if people go to Manila in any season of the year. Most of the tourist attractions are fully operative in serving people. However, there are also events that give extra spark to the place like the Feast of the Black Nazarene that attracts millions of followers (every 9th of January). On June 24, the city celebrates the Manila Day when it was chartered as a city.

What to do:

If a person is fond of roller blades and skates, he or she can slide along the wide Rizal Park skating rink. It is also a good avenue for friends and family gatherings for picnics, chitchats, and bonding. For music enthusiasts, the Hard Rock Café is available as a hangout place. People enjoy jazz and acoustic music in this restobar (restaurant and bar).

Tourist tips:

When people visit Manila, they would never fail to stop by Intramuros (Spanish word meaning “inside the walls”). It used to be a barricade to protect wealthy people who reside in well off houses or mansions. It also protected churches and schools against enemies. A person that visits Intramuros feels like he or she is transported into another dimension of an epic adventure.


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