Makati City

ImageDocumented to be the pecuniary point of the country, Makati City is rich with infrastructures, business centers, and other buildings working as the monetary arm of the country. The dialect language is Filipino. When a person is coming from the province, he or she can describe Makati as somewhat a westernized community since formal attire is a common get-up.

Having a population more than half a million, the city is dubbed to be as the 16th largest city in the country. The city is also known for its highly sophisticated way of living. It is a major cultural and amusement center on the north. People seeking white-collar jobs usually end up in Makati to work.

How to pay:

Philippine Peso

Being the business capital of the Philippines, currency exchange can be done to almost everywhere in any malls. Although a little expensive compared to other cities outside the center, Makati city is showing quality products that is worth the price. An exemption is the fast food wherein the price is generally the same regardless of the location.

How unique:

Originally, Makati became a living hope when a Spaniard named Miguel Lopez de Legazpi discovered it. There was a misinterpretation in the beginning but then eventually had a name related to a famous Tagalog line makati, which literally means receding seawater. That is how the name “Makati” came into existence. Then by 1950’s Makati became a financial and economic center of the Philippines.

ImageWhere to go:

Makati is now highly developed in terms of technology thus places to go in Makati is somehow related to its well-advanced infrastructure. People wanting to live in a cosmopolitan lifestyle are very welcome since the place is surrounded by high-tech facilities including some buildings. Makati is certainly admirable in terms of the futuristic veneer that it carries. Urbanized through time, the frivolous buildings became a source of Makati’s profits as well.

The following are suggested places to go in Makati:

–       Ayala Triangle

–       Wall street of the Philippines

–       Oldest building in the CBD

–       Ayala Museum

–       Powerplant Mall

–       Salcedo Saturday Market

–       Sauna Fuji

–       Guadalupe Church

When to go:

A festival in Makati that is ought to be participated is what they call as the Caracol Festival. This is usually done beside Makati Avenue and is usually in the third week of January. The Caracol Festival is still on its way to gaining popularity. The endeavor of the festival is to look after and defend the environment. Caracol Festival is joyful because of the the dedication and zeal of the people behind the festivity.

ImageWhat to do:

Since the city is a commercial one, roaming around the vicinity is a common and most advised thing to do. While the tourist is in the city, he or she is recommended to go to the spots one by one to really appreciate the place.

Tourist tips:

Riding MRT is the most recommended mode of transportation to save money and time. Most of the time, taxicabs can encounter traffics that cause some delay on the tour schedule. And oh! Don’t forget to eat at Bonchon.


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