Cebu City

The nearest place for Negrenses (people living in Negros Oriental/Occidental) to experience the life in the city is Cebu City. It has the look and the facilities of a big city. It is located in the island of Visayas just above the island of Negros. The city is recognized as one of the most vital urban center in the Philippines. It is also popular being the oldest colony of the Spanish empire in the early years.

Cebu City has a land area of 291.2 square kilometers and about 55.9 square kilometers is classified as urban, while 235.2 square kilometers is classified as rural.

How to Pay:

Philippine Peso

There is a place in the Cebu called “Colon” where cheap items can be bought. More exciting than that, in Colon, displayed prices can still be negotiated by the buyers as long as the seller agrees. Foreigners often exchange their green money in SM mall or Ayala into Philippine peso for easy transaction.

How unique:

People in Cebu are called “Cebuanos”. Cebu City is known for its significant history. It was on April 1521 when Magellan tried to invade the city. It only took an act of courage and bravery from Lapu-lapu when he stopped the Spaniards to further invade the island.  Magellan was killed in the clash which was dubbed as the Battle of Mactan.

Where to go:

Cebu has an international airport and thus is not difficult for tourists to visit the place even if coming from a far country. From the airport, a taxi cab can be used to tour around the island. Once inside the city, a jeepney is one of the easiest ways to move around because each jeepney has its own route to prevent new comers from getting lost. The fare is so cheap: for jeepneys, its cost about 7php or 0.17 cents and for taxis it is about 25php/4 km or 0.60 cents.

There are several places that tourists can go in Cebu City. The following are tourists’ spots:

  • Magellan’s cross
  • Basilica Minore del Santo Niño
  • Taoist temple
  • Guitar factories
  • Mactan Shrine
  • Casa Gorordo Museum
  • Cebu Cathedral
  • Fort San Pedro
  • Bantayan Island

When to go:

One special event in Cebu city is the celebration called “Sinulog Festival”. It is held annually and is usually on the third Sunday of January. It is a much awaited event for most Cebuanos. Most residents go out of the house and paint their faces with different colors as they watch the parade go over to their place. Traffic is expected and anticipated during this day that is why walking will be a common mode of transfer during Sinulog Festival.

What to do:

Roaming around the city and visiting historical sites are the common things that you can do in a city so rich in historical monuments.

Tourist tips:

Commuting around the city is confusing at first even though the city is just small. The streets are quite confusing.  However, jeepneys can guide most tourists for a safer and more productive tour. Having a map is also advisable.


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