How to Be Successful

Success is basically an accomplishment of a target goal.

Many people are geared towards this life changing agent. In our society, we can picture a pie graph denoting two types of people. 1% are successful. 99% are those who want to be successful.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t end there. Human nature dictates that no one can ever be satisfied.

|     ORIGIN (of the word, “success”)
|     mid 16th cent.: from Latin successus,
|     from the verb succedere ‘come close after’.

The origin of the word means to “come close after”.. Come close after what? This shows that even the word origin of “success” itself has no hint of satisfaction. When you reach a certain point that you already feel successful, you once again revert yourself in going back to square one. Again, this is human nature.

If we go back to basics, we are tripartite beings.

Egg Shell = Flesh / Physical
Egg White = Soul / Psychological
Egg Yolk = Spirit / Spiritual

The basis of being successful should not be the flesh because it will just perish. It should also not be the soul because it is subjective in its entirety–wavering and shilly-shally. The basis should be the spirit because this is the real essence of our being. If we start from there, everything will follow. The flesh and the soul will be satisfied. Start from the core!

When we pursue success, let’s check ourselves. Are we pursuing momentary pleasures or are we pursuing something which is eternal? Think about it.


What do you think?

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