What Makes Your Day?

Yes. That’s a question.

Most people turn a blind eye to this–this simple interrogative that is usually ignored, overlooked, or disregarded. Still, we continue to live our lives in an unceasing drill of what to and what not.

Here’s a general scenario of what most typical people do in a day:
Wake up in the morning. Breakfast (some skip this part). Prepare for school/work. Study/work for hours. Lunch. Go back to school/work, for hours. (insert leisure here). Go home. Dinner (or before going home). Sleep.

This cycle may be taken as a boring pattern of endless routinary wont. But you see, life is more than that. It’s about the bits and pieces on how you live it out. Live it out LOUD. Make a difference.

Of course, you need to have a highly operative agent that will serve as your constant inspiration as you do the things you want to do each day. Inspiration. What would that be? Who would that be?

Again. What makes your day?
|     Note: “What”, in this context, may also refer to “Who”


What do you think?

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