The Fastest Man Alive

I love The Flash.

Notice the capital letters before “h” and “l”? Yeah. It’s a proper noun. Amongst the roster of superheroes in the world of comics, he is my hero. He’s more than a hero. He’s a real person. In essence, he’s a typical human being like Bruce Wayne under the cloak of the Dark Knight–Batman.

When a bullet penetrates his tangible body, he’d get hurt. But not that easy. If Clark Kent (Superman) is faster than the speeding bullet, Barry Allen (The Flash) is faster than the speed of light (even dubbed as “faster than the speed of thought”). He’s basically the “Fastest Man Alive”. Okay. Let’s face it. He’s not a weakling in the DC Universe.

To give you an overview, here’s the list of his superhuman powers:
• Can move, think, and react at superhuman speeds
• Can vibrate so fast that he can walk through walls, travel through time
• Can create whirlwinds, and radio waves by rotating his arms
• Can lend and borrow speed via “The Speed Force”*
• Can pummel foes with hundreds of super speed punches in a few seconds
• Can prevent himself from being affected by air friction as he moves at high speed via invisible aura suit
• Can even outrun death (The Black Flash).

*Speed Force: a vaguely defined extra-dimensional energy force from which most speedster heroes draw their powers. It is like the Phoenix Force of Jean Grey and the Avatar State of the Last Airbender.

In the story, “Superman’s Race with The Flash”, the man of steel and the scarlet speedster had a close race. But it was for charity’s sake. It would be an insult if The Flash would outmatch Superman. And for the record, I’m not against Superman.

Furthermore, The Flash has the ability to think fast which allows him some immunity to telepathy, as their thoughts operate at a rate too rapid for telepaths such as Martian Manhunter or Gorilla Grodd to read or influence their minds. It is The Flash’s connection to the Speed Force that constantly rejuvenates him while running making it so he does not literally feed upon his own body to generate the energy for super speed.

The list of popular scarlet speedsters:
• Jay Garrick (Golden Age)
• Barry Allen (Silver Age) (Modern Age)
• Wally West (Modern Age)
• Bart Allen (Modern Age)

In application, or human application for that matter, I can personally relate to this character because of a lot of things. He gets the work done fast uncompromising quality. He’s fun, chummy and gabby. Although Wally West is a chick magnet, he is faithfully loyal to his girlfriend who became his wife, Linda Park. Same goes with the other speedsters. He lives with the principle of justice, peace and love. In the Blackest Night, Barry Allen was summoned to be part of the Blue Lantern Corps which made him a beacon of hope to the universe.

This is why I love DC Comics’ The Flash.

Note: Google the facts for supporting details. Not making them up. 😉


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