Not Even a Hint: Generosity

There are two types of generous people.

The first type is the one who freely gives without expecting something in return. The other type is the one who gives but has reluctance… but still gives.

Which do you belong?

I was reading in Proverbs about generosity and it hit me. Whenever we give something out of reluctance, it would be best not to give at all because there will be a negative aura emitted as we give. This dissenting emission will be an opportunity for the enemy* to ride into the channel of greed. (*evil spirit/devil)

Proverbs 21:26
There are those who covet greedily all the day long; But the righteous give and don’t withhold.

Simple. If we give, let’s not think of anything. Let’s be wholeheartedly generous without anything that’s holding us back.

Not even a hint.


What do you think?

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