Breakfast Epiphany

Morning. Breakfast. Realization.

Eating a half-cooked meal is more likely correlated when eating a hot cooked meal. The latter may be fully cooked; however, you cannot eat it in an instant. You still need to wait for it until it gets palatable enough for consumption. Whether a half-cooked meal is served hot or cold, it still cannot be eaten.

More than this, these two illustrations can go interrelated in the learning paradigm.

Whenever we learn things without knowing deeper about them, it would be like a hot cooked meal for our audience. Whether we like it or not, they would be caught off guard to ingest whatsoever knowledge we want to impart to them. No matter how knowledgeable we are in our field, it would definitely turn into a waste if we aren’t able to deliver our message with a clear-cut elucidation.

To make things clear. And simple.
SMCRE (Sender > Message > Channel > Receiver > Effect)
Sender > “Half-cooked” Message > Channel > Receiver > “Hot-cooked” Effect

Ergo. Let’s cook it in full and serve it properly.


What do you think?

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