What’s SME?

People–particularly those in the business sector–may refer to this as a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) which is defined as a company with no more than 500 employees. In my perspective, I view it differently.

It can be defined as a bolt of synergy among peoples around the globe. It has never been a fad. It’s a lifestyle. Whether we like it or not, we have this as the intrinsic nature of our being in this modern age. Albeit the fact that this is not originated from some trendy flavors of the month, it is revolutionary. It changed the way of living. Note: changed.

Today, this can never be effaced. It’ll rampantly propagate as it unceasingly engirdles and uncontrollably unifies the societal norms to the core.

For me, SME is the Social Media Energy.


What do you think?

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