Hashtag: Productivity

Productivity is measured by the rate of output per unit of input.

Meanwhile, in the corporate sector..

One of the constant struggles of the corporate mavens is productivity. Most of these connoisseurs scuffle not because they are idle, but because people under them are simply lethargic. They tend to be overwhelmed by the workloads they carry undermining the fact that being productive takes one step at a time. Also, the connoisseurs have qualms about their subordinates–which must not be the case.

Productivity is like eating a full-course meal. You cannot ingest the entire meal in a munch. It takes several spoon serves into your maw in order to finish it. Here’s the snag. You cannot do it alone. You may be a virtuoso of a particular field but you can never do it single-handedly. Needless to say, “no man is [definitely] an island.”

When eating, there are many parts involved: fingers, hands, arms, mouth, tongue, teeth, jaws, eyes, nose, etc. Each serves a role to serve–in this context, hunger. Same goes with productivity. Every time we are faced in a tight corner or any given trouble, how do we respond to it? Do we trust our own senses and feed our hunger ourselves? Or do we view things in a wider perspective and trust some extra hands for productivity’s sake?

In essence, productivity is the rate of [corporate] output per unit of [corporate] input.


What do you think?

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