How Do You Respond?

Open rebuke is [truly] better than hidden love.

In most cases, people are afraid to confront other people, whether in love or in rebuke. This most especially goes to Filipinos who don’t have the knack of confrontation. We cannot blame ourselves. It’s the culture.

But we should always remember that we are the ones who are forming the norms and the societal formation of our cultural mindsets.

More than this, it’s not an excuse. When we truly love someone, we can openly rebuke him or her. Now, that’s real love. This assesses the relationship whether or not both of you are on the same page. Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. It’s so easy to deceive yourself rather than deceiving others.

Now, when you are rebuked by your friend. Think about it. Don’t act based upon impulse. Act upon meekness. Meekness that is defined as strength under control.


One thought on “How Do You Respond?

  1. Categorically speaking, rebuking others often leads to capitalistic tendencies that would lead to veganism. Basically, heavily laden salary forms to be societal implications especially on deterministic relationships. Therefore to love means properly using the depth of everything that exists no matter what and how heartbroken one had. THe spirit usually precedes the physics of life. The Cambodian pizza lacks the deepness that it basically performs and promised. All in all.

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