Traffic Leisure

While stuck at traffic early in the morning, I just can’t fail to notice something.

Every time we walk, we uncontrollably swing our arms one after the other. Some sway their arms in an exaggerated eerie way–probably unknowingly. I know. The concept is plain to see, but it just interests me a lot. Go to the streets. Pause and observe.

Here’s an explanation I got from the internet:

The swinging of arms when we walk is instinctive and co-ordinates our arms to move out of the way of our hips which sway slightly as we walk. The hips sway to shift our weight against the back and forth movement of our legs. This in turn keeps our center of gravity low and puts less pressure on our spine.

Imagine yourself or try walking without swinging your arms in this motion. I guess you’ll find yourself worse than those who over-sway their arms. More like a penguin for the win!


What do you think?

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