Plan Well, Live Well

We plan everyday. Whether we do it consciously or not, we always do this. You may be a “now” person or a futuristic; truth is, you plan. What sets the difference is the way you execute it.

Planning doesn’t entail too much effort. There are those who plan strategically with their minds. Some need to grab a notepad and jot down each and every details on how to go about their day. Apathy has never got to do with this. Being apathetic is even a plan–a plan to be apathetic, that is.

Life is a decision-making journey. We decide and move on.

Whatever plans you may have for the day, know your priorities. Your first priority is your passion. You will know that that is your priority when you make it to a point that you’re giving sufficient time for it. Time is gold and it shouldn’t be put into waste. When you invest time on something, that is definitely your priority. After knowing your priorities, you can now have a smooth planning.

When in doubt, remember your passion.


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