Now Playing: By Your Side, Tenth Avenue North

By Your Side

Why are you striving these days
Why are you trying to earn grace
Why are you crying
Let me lift up your face
Just don’t turn away

Why are you looking for love
Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough
To where will you go child
Tell me where will you run
To where will you run

And I’ll be by your side
Wherever you fall
In the dead of night
Whenever you call
And please don’t fight
These hands that are holding you
My hands are holding you

Look at these hands and my side
They swallowed the grave on that night
When I drank the world’s sin
So I could carry you in
And give you life
I want to give you life

(Chorus 2x)

Cause I, I love you
I want you to know
That I, I love you
I’ll never let you go

(Chorus 2x)

When I first listened to this song, I was like so overwhelmed by His grace and mercy clothing around me. It was as if God Himself is talking to me through this song. There are times that we are succumbed to the thought that we are alone. We lack love. We cannot survive by ourselves. True enough with the latter; however, we are never alone. And we definitely don’t lack love.

What makes all the difference is the relationship that you build with Jesus Christ. It’s all that matters. When you build a relationship with Him, you will never be the same. You will never be the same again. Your source of security will be in Him. You will not need to impress people around you with what you can do. Instead, you will do things excellently out of love. Love for Him. And yes, there’s a difference.

We may think that He is far from us but the sole reason for that is sin. But remember that sin never disqualifies us. It only hinders us. Solution: repentance. When we repent–confess with our tongues and believe in our hearts–we will experience pure freedom that is beyond our comprehension.

Love God. Love others.

P.S. He will always be by your side.


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