No Internet Connection

Imagine a world without the internet. Imagine a world without any opportunity to post a blog, update a status, and press in a tweet. Well, I couldn’t even try to imagine.

It’s so depressing when we don’t have access to the internet. And that’s what I’m experiencing now. I feel like a paralytic or a cripple who can’t do anything but stare blankly in an oblivious realm. And yeah. That’s pure exaggeration. But how else can I feel?

I’m now blogging via an office desktop (which is connected to the direct server, ergo with internet) and it’s still an auspicious chance to at least blog. This has already snapped in my wiring–blogging–and I wouldn’t try to miss a blog with a slight hindrance of internet disruption. No wireless fidelity.

But of course, life goes on and on.

Segue: I so love the Hunger Games. I’m currently reading the book. <insert smiley> I’m at Chapter 23 already, over 27. I’ll blog about it when I’m done. I’m even hyped up for the second installment, Catching Fire. Excited much.

It’s a great day. Thank you, Lord.


2 thoughts on “No Internet Connection

    1. Hahaha I really can’t imagine. It’s a whole lot of pain. But the again, life goes on! The internet’s back anyway and life goes on… perfectly! HAHA 🙂

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