Blogging (in or with) Purpose

I took a swift catch of my breath when I read a blog post by Seth Godin that says:

I’m not writing to maximize my SEO or conversion or even my readership. I’m writing to do justice to the things I notice, to the ideas in my head and to the people who choose to read my work.

This is exactly what I’m doing. I don’t really care if I don’t have multimillion readers to write for, countless hits and visits to expect each day. I don’t even earn from this blog, after all. What I benefit though is the beauty of freely sharing my knowledge and how I experience life in this world, as I see it.

Admittedly, it sends an electrifying smile whenever I see the icon beside the “New Post” of the upper right corner, turn to orange. Likes and comments inspire me to blog for more. I love writing and I believe that if I’ll continue this literary journey of artistry, I will be able to hone this and eventually, master.

In retrospect, it’s truly helpful if we don’t pressure ourselves with the hit counters and all those shenanigans. This is for the reason that it may compromise the quality of blogs we produce. Mediocrity. Oh, I hate this word.

When we blog, let’s blog with purpose. Not in purpose. And yes, there’s a difference.


What do you think?

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