Travel: Tinuy-an Falls

Ninety-five feet wide with a 180 feet plunge from its three cascading falls – this is the image that earned Tinuyan Falls the moniker Little Niagara. This is also the very reason why, when visiting Mindanao for a backpack adventure, you must never forget to include in your itinerary a pit stop adventure in these wondrous falls located in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.

One wonderful phenomenon that happens in the waterfall area and is recommended for tourists to experience is a rainbow occurrence every between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Thus, if you want to make the most of your trip, make sure that you get a photograph or two of this glorious rainbow alongside the equally majestic waters of the Tinuy-an Falls.

The water cascading down the three waterfalls look like a curtain of white froth that makes the whole six-hour trip from Davao City all worth it. Bathing in its cool waters is definitely an experience that you will never find elsewhere. Aside from this, the whole waterfall area is also a sanctuary of many wild species that makes it a very ideal place for nature tripping. If your are lucky and the water is not so deep, you get to explore every crevice of the Tinuy-an Falls and get to enjoy all the wonders that nature has to offer.



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