Top 3 White Sand Beaches in the Philippines

As an archipelago, the Philippines continues to be known for its fantastic and captivating seas. It approximately consists of about 7,107 islands. This proves that there are more than seven thousand beaches and resorts that can be found in the country. There are many beaches nationwide but what stands out the most is the white sand type of beaches.

3. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Situated in the largest city of the Philippines (Davao City), this white sand beach can be summed up with two words: luxury and scenery. It has luxurious beaches and marvelous scenery that will definitely slow the time down.

In order to get there, an individual must get to Davao City first. For tourists who come from other countries, they can land in Cebu City or Pasay City. After which, they can book a connecting flight or a ticket to Davao. When they get there, commuting with a taxi cab is the best option if they do not have any travel guide. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located at Samal Island which is at the southern portion of the city. There are boat rides available in crossing from Davao to Samal.

Room rates vary with the position in the vicinity. Available rooms are the Hilltop Room, Samal House, Mandaya House, Sunset Suite, Samal Suite and Malipano Villa. The rates range from $150 to $680 which are good for three persons depending on the room type.

2. El Nido Resorts

“We turn holidays into distinctive lifestyle experiences.” This is how El Nido Resorts tag its customer satisfaction. If the Pearl Farm provides luxury and scenery, this white sand beach offers peace and serenity outside the urban way of living. It has magnificent views, scenic diving areas, caving adventures and many more.

El Nido is located in Palawan which is more than four hundred kilometers away from Manila. For tourists who plan to visit and experience El Nido, they can travel southwest from Manila by air, water or land. In using an air transit, there is a one-hour and fifteen-minute flight available in Manila that lands at the airport for a four-kilometer travel to El Nido.

El Nido has numerous resorts that provide the white sand beach experience. One of the notable beaches is the Lagen Island Resort. It offers about 50 rooms that vary in price and location. There are water cottages, forest rooms, forest suites and beachfront cottages. The rate for an overnight about $300.

1. Boracay

The best tropical island that captures every Filipino and tourist’s eyes is Boracay. It is the most well-known white sand beach in the Philippines. Different people from different cultures meet in this island in one accord. This purpose is to feel the best beach experience in the country.

Since Boracay is an island beach resort, it divides its services on three parts. Each part is called a station which varies on the economical stature of the tourist who stays for a night or more. The first station is the most expensive area because it is where you can find the finest white sands in the entire vicinity while the others follow respectively. One travel tip in Boracay is to stay in the middle of the first and second station because the room rates are not too expensive.

There is a lot of things one can do in Boracay like banana boat riding, kayaking, island hopping, crystal cove exploring, and many more. There are parties around the island every night to assure the worthwhile night outs. To reach the island, the most convenient way is by air to the Aklan province.


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