Weird Food

Once upon an idle time, I was googling–if there’s such term.

Keywords: “weird food”

Here’s what I found:

Really now? I’m not a huge fan though but I don’t think it’s that weird. Well, that word’s also ambiguous anyway.

Another searched item I found was this:

Well, probably yeah. It’s scrumptiously weird. The yellow part is my favorite. Not my favorite food though. Just my favorite part of the weird food.

Try them. I tell you, they’re worth the try. Heads up! Here’s one thing that both have in common: CHOLESTEROL.


4 thoughts on “Weird Food

    1. It does! It’s one of the exotic delicacies especially here in the Philippines. You can find it in streets. It’s called, “Balut” or fertilized duck egg. Aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack. 🙂

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