100 is a Milestone

Truly, it is such a promising and inspiring thought that this blog post is the mark of a milestone. Thank you all for taking time to read, comment, like, or simply dropping by in all of my published thoughts and insights about life, for all its worth.

I continually express my deep gratitude to God who taught me the discipline in this challenging yet fulfilling habit of blogging. Also, thanks to my inspirations who fueled my perceptions of life, especially in the aspects of marketing, music, movies, travel, or just being random at any point of the day.

Yesterday, I got my 104 hits and it definitely motivated me to push myself even further than ever before.

Taking one step at a time, I hope to encourage you all with profound viewpoints and indelible random ideas along the journey of sentience.

Once again, merci beaucoup!


5 thoughts on “100 is a Milestone

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