A Great Way to Start the Day

Hot cup of coffee + mouth-watering chocolate banana cake + good music = great jump-start. That’s how I started it today. And, of course, with a smile and laughter that comes along the way. Carpe diem!

Yesterday, we surprised a friend close to our hearts as she and our dear friend, who is not here, celebrated their monthsary. We gave her chocolates, flowers, and startled her with a song number (One Thing, One Direction). It was truly an awesome night to begin with. There was not even a single hint in her mind that we would do such thing.

Today is going to be another day of pure grace. As we live our lives today, eye for the prize. Let’s be productive and be excellent in all things. How do we do that?

Remember that the word, LIVE is an action word. Simply, LIVE.

Now, that’s the greatest way to start the day!

How do you start your day?


2 thoughts on “A Great Way to Start the Day

    1. That’s not actually the real mug I used. It’s a Starbucks Via mug. 🙂

      I guess that mug started your day, right? 😀

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