Boracay, Here We Come!

Few hours from now, we will be maximizing our summer jaunt in one of the celebrated white beaches in the world–Boracay Island. This will be my first time and I am more than excited to document each and every phase along the spin.

The best tropical island that captures every Filipino and tourist’s eyes. Different people from different cultures come into one accord in this island. Since Boracay is an island beach resort, it divides its services on three parts or “station”. The first station is the most expensive area because it’s where you can find the finest white sands in the entire vicinity while the others follow respectively. One travel tip in Boracay is to stay in the mid-section of the first and second station because the room rates are not too expensive. There are countless activities that you can enjoy apart from the spectacular beach like banana boat riding, flying fish ride, kayaking, island hopping, crystal cove exploring, and many more. There are night parties around the island every night to assure the worthwhile night outs. To reach the island, the most convenient way is by air to the Aklan province.

For us, our route will be going from Davao to Iloilo via airplane, then to the island. I can even feel the vibration and I really hope I could stay asleep at this moment. As time walks irrepressibly, I believe that this trip will just be worth it.


What do you think?

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