When the Pressure is On

Not being able to blog for as long as two days is just too much. It can be frustrating in a way especially when you already got a hang of it, but it is also essential.

Anyway, I’m (together with friends) maximizing my summer jaunt in the best white sand beach island of the country–Boracay, that is. I will most definitely blog about my experience when the adventure culminates. I got to enjoy new things by which I thought I never would have experience such: ATV mountain trekking, underwater helmet diving, and so much more.

Apart from being a complete escapade from the same boring strokes, this trip is unforgettable. It’ll be something that will remind me of certain epiphanies that caused me to push.

Underwater Helmet Diving Lesson:
When going into the deep, there’s pressure. And when there’s pressure, there’s magnificence. We won’t be able to lavish and bask into the glorious wonder of the underwater and the sea creatures without the pressure that goes with it. Good thing though is that we can release the pressure by puffing it out of our head, which is guided by the assisting diver who commands us when to puff.

In retrospect, we cannot obtain pure joy if we work within the realms of our comfort. Sometimes it’s hard–I mean, most of the time. But when all things appear to be a blur, we will always have a Guide who will, at the right time, signal us when to puff it out.


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