The Upper Venture

In practical application, I work as a corporate communications specialist in a yearbook printing company. I graduated as a mass communicator and I love to write. I studied in Dumaguete City, which is located at the heart of the country–Visayas (not the capital; just situated as the nation’s geographical mid-region). I relentlessly toil in Davao City, which is located in Mindanao (lower part). Now, I am assigned at the upper part which is Luzon. I guess I’m just being random right now, but it’s just an interesting fact that I am actually experiencing a lot already. As soon as now.

I’m starting to fall in love with the word, travel. Probably soon, I will want to be a travel blogger or a professional writer in that specific field. It’s gonna be an awesome probability and it even hypes me up.

Truly, there’s so much to learn. I’m with my comrades in the marketing team. Three of us will venture to the north as we market schools and universities for their yearbook and publication needs. It’s a challenge. It’ll be a challenge. And I’m definitely up for it.

Today is the start of an exhilarating adventure that will undoubtedly teach me new things. New things that will certainly add up to an experience of a lifetime. I’m totally stoked for it.

I cannot do it alone. That’s why I am in an awesome team and of course, God’s there. Always. Yey to that!


What do you think?

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