Work Travel #1

Today is the jump-start of my work’s journey. First stop is Cavite. This brings me to the purpose of our practicable existence–we are gonna market. Apart from acquiring new accounts for the company’s sales, our main aim is to penetrate the marketplace with our sole presence. In other words, awareness generation.

We want the world to know, starting locally up to the national scope, that we basically exist. And not just that. We exist to satisfy their printing needs most especially in their yearbooks and school publications.

Midtown Printing Co., Inc. is a yearbook printing specialist that sells quality beyond all else. It is its core desire to address the possible problems and be part of the effective solution in hard-copy printing. Again, in quality, that is. In its four decades of experience, it is definitely a guarantee that Midtown can.

A few moments from now, we will be heading to the “Historical Capital of the Philippines, the cradle of Philippine Revolution, and the birthplace of Philippine Independence.”



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