Are You Mature Enough?

Maturity is defined as the state, fact, or period of being mature. Mature, on the other hand, means:

  1. having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult;
  2. (of thought or planning) careful and thorough;
  3. used euphemistically to describe someone as being middle-aged or old;
  4. (of a style) fully developed; and
  5. (of certain foodstuffs or drinks) ready for consumption.

In relationships, this is one of the interminable clichés that people face each day. The other may say that he is not mature enough to play his role in the relationship. The other may also say that she is just too good for him. Yes, we can always have excuses. But remember that excuses are for losers. We don’t want that.

“It takes two to tango.” I just wanna send my heartfelt gratitude to the one who said this. Because it is just the straight-cut literary allusion that can encapsulate the point of relationships.

When you enter into a relationship, don’t evaluate your maturity. Instead, let your relationship lead your maturity. One should not out-mature the other. It should be both steps at a time.

It’s not about the age. It’s not even about the years of being together. It’s basically being able to communicate with each other in equal transparency. Let it be mutual.


4 thoughts on “Are You Mature Enough?

    1. Thanks Anne. It’s just an inspiring thought that there are a lot of facets in maturity and there is just an indefinite standard of what it is to be well-roundedly mature. 🙂

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