One Sunday in Manila

God is more concerned about your direction; not about your perfection.

Apart from the overwhelming worship experience, this line swiftly struck me with absolute precision. It cleared and lead me out from a clouded path that aren’t supposed to be existing. Roadblocks as we may tag it, we are sadly succumbed to some cynical belief systems that certainly corrupt God’s will in our lives.

I attended the afternoon service in VCF Malate and here are the three things that I learned while paying attention to the pastor’s message. By the way, the series was entitled, FAQ (frequently asked questions). It is so because the church wants to know the “frequently asked question” in Christianity. And what they statistically got, which was at the top of the chart, was the question of God’s will.

What is God’s will? How will we know that it is God’s will and not our own feeble will? What would be our action plan in knowing God’s will?

The youth pastor shared three compasses that would effectively help us in knowing God’s will for our lives:

1. God’s Spirit

2. God’s Word

3. God’s People

The first one is worship and stirring up the Holy Spirit in our lives as we live it out with God’s moral will. The second reminds us that God is a creative God but He is not always mystical. He can speak through simple and common circumstance. We can only do that if we read the bible. Lastly, if the first two cultivates the personal benefits of a person, the third one shows the effectivity of our Barnabas’s or partners in faith in knowing the will of God. Yes. They may be imperfect but they are, too, Spirit-led.

Above all, here’s the point of the matter:

Knowing God’s will means knowing God.

How to know God? Read your Bible. Pray everyday.


What do you think?

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