The Avengers 2.0

I am a fan of comics–DC and Marvel. Although not to the extremes similar to the geeks of The Big Bang Theory. I enjoy reading witty lines from the Flash and Deadpool. I grip my heart tight as I read through superheroes that are killed along the story progression. Like when Martian Manhunter was killed by the group of Libra. Well, so much for that.

At 4:00 PM, I’ll be watching the coolest superhero movie of the century.. again. It’s definitely worth it all. The last time I watched it, it was shown in film. Now, we’re going digital. I don’t wish to watch it in 3D. I think it might cause an unexpected vertigo while watching. I wouldn’t want that.

I learned this simple lesson from the movie, Chronicles. It is totally a pain in the neck. The cinematography. The movie is fine but the so-called aftertaste that it brought was gloomy. Totally dark. I could feel a different spirit about it.

Going back, the earth’s mightiest heroes (in the context of Marvel Comics) indeed kicked the earth’s standard of what it is to be a superhero movie. It made all other superhero movies bland. Kudos to Joss Whedon and his team.

After the Avenger’s sensation, it will be then followed by two major superhero movies: The Amazing Spider-man and The Dark Knight Rises. I’m not so sure about the details about the former but the latter will surely dominate the big screens. Christopher Nolan never made a bad impression, so far. And I believe he won’t.

Superhero movies are truly sought-after. People watch because of the plain reason that they want to be special. They want to have the superpower to do things the uncommon way. Good news is that we all have what it takes to be a superhero. We are all special. We just need to be secured and figure out the special abilities that we can do. It might not be supernatural, but it will surely change lives. Change hearts and even–change the world.


What do you think?

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