Belief versus Conviction

If you believe in something that it is true and it exists, you have a belief in that particular thing. If you are thoroughly convinced that something is true and nothing can ever dispute its existence in your viewpoint, that’s conviction.

Obviously, the latter is a stronger word than the former. It is something that we should take into consideration when facing life’s realities. There are some things that we need to just believe. But there are also some things that are definitely worth for your conviction.

For instance, you believe in God but you don’t have the conviction that you believe in Him. That’d be like walking along the narrow path carrying a bag of trash at your back. You are believing but you’re acting as if you are not.

Sometimes, we miss the whole point of our belief. Each one of us has our own sets of belief systems but the question will remain the same. Is it beneficial?

Remember this:

Everything is permissible. But not everything is beneficial.

When we put our belief in something, let’s make sure that it is beneficial. When it’s beneficial (in all aspects), then put your conviction in it.

In essence, it’s not about belief versus conviction. It’s belief then conviction.


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