Being Random in a Mall

If only I can count how many foot traffic the mall is having right now. All because of the sale. I didn’t bring my laptop because it’s too heavy as I am expecting a long stroll around. And because I need to communicate and check something online, I resorted to logging in the internet cafe.

I will be meeting my college colleagues any minute from now. Update lives. Uplift each other’s soul. Break bread together. And share memories. Nothing really beats sending time with awesome friends whom you could totally evaluate as true.

Today is definitely another adventure. Visiting the Intramuros (or the Walled City) brought me back to the past, centuries ago where the Spaniards still dominated the country. Together with my officemates, we went to Lyceum of the Philippines and had our lunch there. Soon after, we dropped by a 400-year old school in the walled city, Colegio de San Juan de Letran. We managed to mingle with the purchasing and media administrators and had a quick chat with regards to their publication.

I think I gotta go. Not to mention, I’m running out of time. Ciao!


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