It is OKAY to Doubt

It’s okay to doubt. No doubt about it.

Sometimes we think that doubting causes us to be insecure in such a way that we face lack of better judgement or even, low self-esteem. Let’s remember that there is also such thing as curiosity. If the problem is getting curious about something, the simple action step is to address that curiosity, ASAP.

Simple as it may appear, finding answers to questions that continually wrap us in an oblivion is actually a journey. It’s not even an oblivious journey, however. It’s a corporate adventure if you allow it to be.

No man is an island.

What are your thoughts on this old chestnut?

Remember that to doubt is okay. To dwell on it is dangerous and viciously lethal. Respond quickly. However, not irrationally. Slow is indeed fast. Be deliberative and strategic, all at the same time. Point is, address your doubt. Then, move on.

In most simple cases: When in doubt, google.


What do you think?

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