The Wonder of a Woman

A gold tiara with a signature scarlet star on the forehead. Flaxen adamantine lasso of truth which resembles a considerably thick stalk of wheat. Two silver indestructible hand braces; not to mention, bulletproof and even elemental-proof. Pitch-black sturdy hair that gracefully swings back and forth like branches in a storm.

Having a hostile veneer of what a typical women may appear not to be, this red-blue-and-yellow dressed superhero is not an armored supermodel. She is an amazon. She may be a ruthless cold-hearted dragon in front of her foe but she is still as gentle as an amiable feathered friend that she can be.

Originally known as Diana, Wonder Woman is the ambassador of the link between the real world and the mythological paradise island of Themyscira. She once represented the amazons as the epitome of the women’s social, psychological, and physical role as well-roundedly equal and even stronger than the men. Until such time that she experienced the very world itself. She fell in love with a man whom she thought was the same as all the other guys mentioned by tales and bedtime stories back in their island. Now, that changed her paradigm. In the long run, she also effortlessly convinced her people that there is definitely nothing wrong with men in general.

The rift between both sexes happened or started when Aries, known as the Greek god of war, attempted to dominate the amazons. However, the puny and irrational god didn’t succeed. The amazons were one step to killing a god but Zeus and Hera (Aries’ parents) offered a truce that they will instead shackle Aries, put off his god power, and establish a peaceful community of women–thus, Themyscira.

When I was about to download the 2009 Wonder Woman movie, I had a thought that it might be both weird and awkward to watch it similar to watching Gossip Girl or Desperate Housewives. But. Yes, but. It was actually, totally impressive. As a Greek mythology enthusiast, I was able to bethought oneself of the good old myths. It reminded me of high school when I used to defend my senior year research paper about why Zeus became the god of all gods and goddesses and why not the others. The movie also gave me a fluent idea of Diana’s origin.

FAQ: How did the amazons managed to reproduce without a man for marital or physical conception?

Answer: When Zeus and Hera endowed them with a peaceful isolation, they were also granted with an eternal youth and astounding beauty. But there is a catch. After the blessing, Diana wasn’t born yet.

There are two versions of Diana’s conception. The first one was when she was formed with a clay figure then brought to life like Frankenstein by the gods, particularly Hera (goddess of women). In 2011, her origin was significantly changed. She is now a demigod, conceived by Hippolyta (queen of the amazons) and Zeus himself.

Wonder Woman is described to be as “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than [Hermes]”.


And by the way, don’t be fooled by this poster. It’s a fan-made graphic art.


She quoted that Wonder Woman is a lame superhero. Here’s the cited verbatim:

Wonder Woman is a lame superhero… She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.

Maybe she just doesn’t have what it takes to pull something off out of the gorgeous amazon. It would take a great scriptwriter, director and actor who are definitely up for the so-called “big challenge” to clinch the big screens.


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