WWMD: What Would Moms Do?

Here’s an advance “mother’s day” treat to all the mothers around the world.

Domestic Engineers

Instead of saying “flight steward/stewardess”, say “flight attendant”; from “waiter/waitress” to “food attendant”; from “janitor/janitress” to “environmental technician”; and so on and so forth. Moms are not just household helpers who take care of the house and her family. They are domestic engineers.

Domestic means “relating to the running of the home or to family relations”; while engineers means “skillful contriver of something”.

In simple terms, moms are skillful in relationship and home management.

Insert: Here’s an inspiring article about domestic engineers.

Interior Designers

Who says that you need to imperatively study first in order to be an interior designer? (Of course, I’m not putting the field of study down. Interior designers are exemplary in their craft.) Thankfully, we have instant interior designers in our homes. They see to it that everything is in proper place. More than that, they are concerned with the home’s appearance especially when visitors catch the home off guard at any time of the day. And also, because they anticipate that to happen.

Moms have the eye for details. They never leave things in a mess. Talk about being obsessive-compulsive. It’s not a disorder. It’s their nature. Good nature.

Super Chefs

Most kids shout “mom” instead of “dad” when they get hungry. It’s actually an untaught habit for children to depend on their moms for food.

Even in many cultures, people ask a woman who is about to get married if she knows how to cook or not because it would definitely have an impact as she transcends to becoming a wife and soon, mom. The impact must be, of course, advantageous. Not for men to take advantage of but for the family’s benefit in general.

We get to taste the standard of our favorite food through our moms.


As a more typically relational and emotional person in the family, she knows empathy above anyone else. She is very concerned of what’s happening in her household. Whether she likes to address the situations on hand or not, she knows.

Like referees, moms keep watch on their kids especially when conflicts arise. They never hesitate to put an end to quarrels––although they are essential for growth. Moms are subjective. Subjective enough to be objective. All because of love.

Finance Managers

You can never spend more when you earn less.

Moms see to it that you will know the knack and discipline in financial management. Apart from overseeing the bills and monthly payments, they teach their children how to do things in the area of finance. (or they are supposed to be teaching them)

Sometimes they give beyond what you need. Sometimes they teach you how to budget and save. Thus, they give less. Even so, they are there to evaluate your money matters whether you are being extravagant or too thrifty.

First Teachers

If you had videos when you were still a toddler, you would notice that you learned how to speak the alphabet with your mom’s help. Maybe you also remember the time when you spoke your first word, which I doubt.

Moms never fail to teach us what to do and what not. Each and every mom has her own type of discipline. The method maybe different but the principle is the same all throughout. They want us to learn.

Guidance Counselors

Aside from teaching us simple things from A-Z, moms also teach us how to live life. They are our life’s coach. With the experience they had, they already have a glimpse of what might our life end up or progress in the long run. Sometimes children don’t admit and try to avoid from this fact, but truth is truth. Who’s guilty? (Me raises hand)

Naturally, moms don’t want their kids to get caught in a difficult situation. Or simply put, be in a mess. All they want is the good for their children and sometimes, we miss this obvious point–all because of the clouded judgement of familiarity.


They are not PhDs, EdDs or MDs. They are inborn physicians who know what to do in a particular circumstance. It may be referred to as “street smart” but they are more than that. When you are feeling down, moms know how to uplift your soul and encourage you to be the best that you can be. When you are in need, they do their very best to even provide for your wants.

Empathetic as they can be, they know the remedies of your life. If they don’t, they will find it out. Albeit imperfection, effort is always made. They are the instant solution that you can always depend on when you feel anything bad. Given the onset that they are your moms and they won’t do anything that can harm you, you are quite assured that all will be well. “All is well.. with mom.”

The difference though between a licensed doctor and a mother is that moms don’t get paid. Truly, the only currency of love is love itself.

What more can you ask for?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Note: I personally want to honor my mom, Otilia B. Gaudan, who never ceased to love and support me and my endeavors, no matter what. You have been there all the time. And I mean, all the time. Every single thing of what is written above are all inspired by you. I can never imagine a life without you. You are the best mom ever [and dad, too?]. I love you, Ma! 😀


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