Life: Aging or Maturing

In time, we age. In seasons, we mature.

It doesn’t matter whether if have the superiority complex that we get to learn more about life. It’s not even about the age per se that determines the level of maturity of a person. It’s about the seasons that we go through time and time again.

Sometimes, we get caught by a certain season that would even take a decade to complete. Some finish their seasons within a year. This also pertains how you respond in every situation. A series of situations that builds you up as a person.

Shift from one season to another. Again, it’s all about the response.

We counter pride with humility, pessimism with optimism, fear with faith, and so on and so forth. Most of the time, it is just a choice. A choice to be humble, optimistic and faithful.

Life is [indeed] a matter of choice.

Some look at it as a gamble or a game of luck. When you jump off a water-bed, you don’t know if it’s shallow or deep. If you land in a shallow spot, you will end up bruised and hurt (or learning things the hard way). If you land in a deep spot, you will end up well.

There’s some truth to this but that’s not how life should be looked at. Life is simply living out your purpose. To find out what that purpose is, is the challenge.

If you have an iPhone and you don’t know how to use it, what would you do? Of course, you will read the manual and figure out how it functions. If broken, you can’t fix it your own. In turn, you will hand it over to the repairers. If you want to maximize it, you should know the history behind its creation by knowing its creator.

As you live, ask yourself this question:

Are you aging or are you maturing?


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