Journal: 05-15-12

As soon as we got ourselves ready for our early morning flight, we used a cab that brought us to the wrong terminal. I think it’s intentional because when I told him that we’ll be going to Terminal 4, he relentlessly replied that it doesn’t exist at all. Only Terminals 1, 2 and 3. My belief didn’t kick in. I was gullible. Gullible enough to say, “okay”.

Together with my co-marketing officer, we arrived at the 3rd terminal by 2:00 AM. By the way, our flight’s at 5:30 AM. I just realized that if I sleep, I might not be able to control my slumber. I’m kinda tired because I spent time with my friends in food trip, karaoke, and computer gaming. All happened in one night. It was, in a way, exhausting but then again…

…nothing can ever buy happiness.

Or pure joy.

Since it was my last night in my Manila venture, I joined the pre-celebration of my friend’s birthday. Food was great. Greaseless pork, mouthwatering shabu-shabu (literally), lip-smacking baked mac. Yummy goodness!

Happy Birthday, Ricky! (on the 17th)

Anyway, let’s go back to Terminal 3, 2:00 AM. We reached our way to the near end of the baggage counters. Lo and behold, there was no one there. Since our flight was still at 5:30 AM, we sat in a corner and entertained ourselves. I finished the Young Justice: Invasion episodes (only ’til episode 3) while my associate amused himself with his game. Chess.

It was 3:20 AM already that we noticed that the counter is still left empty. Out of wild curiosity, I came across with a roaming guard. I asked him about our flight and showed him our printed ticket. Baffled with an oblivious clamor, he told us that our plane-to-catch was in Terminal 4.

Looking back on how the taxicab driver treated us, I breathed out the toxic which might cloud my judgement. Soon after, we rushed towards the exit and rented a cab.

Right now, I’m in Terminal 4 (which actually existed), blogging about the short experience of mercy displayed. There are no “if only”s or “might have been”s. It’s 5:00 AM now. And my only response in this situation is:

Thank you, Lord.


One thought on “Journal: 05-15-12

  1. Thanks for the likes, guys. By the way, my flight is for Palawan. If you may not have an inkling about this place, I’ll try to blog about it later. Have a great day! 🙂

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