Meme: Paper Cut

I had a paper cut on my left middle finger and it’s painful.

Of course, I won’t take a picture of it. It’s kinda weird and I don’t want to boast on this, for the lack of better terms, silly [battle] scar. It’s not yet a scar though and I don’t think it would get to that. It’s just a slice like the one on my right middle finger. Balanced eh?

The first slice was an aluminum cut. I can’t forget that moment. I was in Grade 5 and I recklessly played with my classmates. When all of a sudden, one of them handed over (or more likely, threw) his bag to me which had an aluminum accessory hooked on to the bag. Now, that left a scar.

If there would be an “aluminum” hand sign, I think it would definitely beat the “paper” sign.



What do you think?

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