Impulsive Adaptability

When you come across with vicious circles and find yourself in a tight spot, what do you usually do?

To adapt is to adjust to. Oftentimes, we misconstrue this term with blending in. It’s more than just that. If you blend in, you join into the crowd and it is not a clear-cut guarantee that you will be able to follow the given social convention. Adaptability is when you amalgamate both empathy and familiarity.

Empathy is when you put yourself on one’s shoes, then act out of sympathy. You just don’t settle yourself in knowing; rather, putting something action. On the other hand, familiarity is when you get accustomed with the system––on how it works––and eventually following it if it’s worth following in the first place.

Adapting has something to do with being in the “know” and the “now”. Once you grasp an idea on what solutions are there to whatever predicament you are facing, you act upon it now. There must be nothing to hold you back, because a split second might cause a billion seconds of time wasted.

However true, this can be the downside of adaptability.


What do you think?

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