Dark Shadows: The Witch and the Vampire

After watching “Dark Shadows” the second time, I thought that it was still worth it. It clearly depicts the social and emotional reality of life. Although mythical creatures remain mythical.

For the witch, she may have all that she both wanted and needed, but she lacked clarity. Hard truth which enraptured her wicked soul. Instead, she pursued all momentary pleasures and unceasingly forced to do things her own way. All gone in a snap.

For the vampire, looks can be deceiving. But truth be told, he was the complete irony of what a monster should be. Gentle, stiff and proper. He defied infatuation and defined love. All he wanted was to get back to his family, albeit kindred distance.

In retrospect, the movie definitely marked another clear-cut perspective of family, love and forgiveness.

Not to mention, funny. Kudos to Tim Burton and the cast!


2 thoughts on “Dark Shadows: The Witch and the Vampire

    1. First time I watched it, I think it was awful. But it turned out okay after awhile. It’s just a subtle reminder of reality in the present. Literary allusions, quirky remarks, and eccentric gestures qualify it’s being a Tim Burton film. Not excellent, but still not bad.

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