When You Don’t Know What To Do

I was out-of-town when I experienced an abrupt fall of misfortune–although I don’t believe in luck, most especially bad luck.

It was simply, I believe, a challenge. A challenge that allowed me to know how to respond, even in dire situations. I lost my wallet. My phone broke. All happened simultaneously outside my comfort zone. My wallet had more than sufficient cash to supply me with everything that I will need, and want, for the trip. It also had my driver’s license, school ID, business cards and my ATM’s. All gone.

I felt so frustrated that I couldn’t remember how I got frustrated that bad. Nonetheless, God still met me in that place of ambivalence. He provided all that I needed for that situation and I even got to enjoy the rest of my remaining days of the trip. I was able to catch up with a college friend of whom I consider as one of the icons of my academic life. I also got to meet my former churchmate who accompanied me during my vacant hours. We toured around the city and ate good food.

In spite of whatever circumstance, God will never fail you. When you think that you are already helpless or hopeless, don’t hesitate to trust in Him. You cannot trust yourself because you are a human being: flawed, imperfect and ill-natured. By God’s grace, our imperfections are blotted out. We are a new creation in Him because He views us as His own. We are equally significant and properly secured in view of His mercy.

Truly, everything happens for a reason. At the end of the day, it’s going to be about the response that will matter most. Trust.

How do you trust in God? Well, simple. Be still and know that He is God over every circumstance.


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