Moving On

You won’t be able to appreciate the nature of your work, or whatever you do, if you can’t accept your own nature. Naturally, we are wicked. It may be as harsh as it may seem but that’s the plain truth of our mere existence.

When we are not corrected or directed, we will always be misguided like a sheep without a shepherd. Notice a child who is not told what to do. He or she will react to Our perspective in life will more likely become blurred or clouded. We end up being full of pride and overbearing. We tend to question ourselves why people hate us, but we just miss the simple fact that we are not guided.

Solution: Find a mentor. Be humble enough to learn humility. This is one hard learning experience but it will all be worth it. We can even be picky when it comes to who we want to be mentored by. That’s natural. But don’t let the natural define you. Don’t get stuck there.

It’s not a debate about nature versus nurture. It’s nature plus nurture. Accept your nature and then nurture. Accept who you are and then move on.

(Take note that it’s a noun, then a verb.)

After which, you may not even notice it, but you are already appreciating life.


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