Man. New. Verse.

The most famous verse that some people take for granted but is actually the core of the Bible is John 3:16.

Can you imagine a life without anyone who could guide you in your daily walk? I can’t. Whether we like it or not, we do things because we have a drive. We have a motivation. That motivation is our driving force that maneuvers us to be excellent in what we do.

Yes. Maneuvers.

However reckless, man became new because of a verse. It maybe a simple verse to look at but experiencing it first hand as life rather than mere words will make a whole lot of difference.

Love is a heavy word. Imperfect beings cannot love. Only the perfect One. He displayed His love for us by giving His only Son in order for us to live a life of grace and mercy. What more can we ask for?


What do you think?

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