Are You Alone? Or Lonely?

Sometimes, we essentially need to have “alone” times. But that doesn’t mean “lonely”. These two are different things. Anyone can fully understand that. But both can happen all at the same time. Now, that’s sad.

Emo. A political label defined by the norm which refers to those who are both alone and lonely. As the years went by, Emo became a sense of fashion. Jet-black eyeliner, dragged down hair nearly covering the eyes and the forehead, sometimes with contact lens, and no smile at all.

This is different.

“L”, from the movie Death Note, is way much cooler than a thousand “Emo”s combined. He delights in being alone with his sweet tooth that sustains his sleepless nature. He’s practically alone but not lonely.

I’m blogging this not because I’m lonely. Just alone. The “L”-type of being alone. Minus the sweet tooth and sleepless nature.



What do you think?

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