[Hopeless] Romantic Comedy

Gaping at an enthusiastic petite girl frolicking her way along the majestic streets of Paris. It’s a natural thing to do, especially for men. But if it would take as long as five minutes, it’s definitely going to be unhealthy. Of course, I’m not the person who’s stared in wonder. I’m not in Paris, after all.

Just early in the morning, I watched a romantic comedy. Two people attempted to redefine love which didn’t turn out mutual. The lady was fragile, tangible and emotional while the lad was upfront, lighthearted and superficial. As a result, the lady friend-zoned the lad, and so they remained friends. Typical as how the plot goes on, they eventually fell in love with each other despite differences. They were polar opposites and this fact never hindered their common string, which has been tightly knit when they first met. However, the woman died in an unpredictable accident. Basically, the plot’s sad. Although surprising and freshly twisted, it’s still sad. Unhealthy.

This brings me to the point that it is not healthy to watch a hopeless romantic movie. Yes, it may feel good at some point but it wouldn’t nurture your soul with goodness. I’d like to reiterate how unhealthy it is. I remembered when I watched a couple of movies in my senior college with my batchmates, who were all girls. Two movies. First was Virgin Suicides; then, The Social Network. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the essence of the first one but what I know is that it’s gloomy and dreary. The latter was about the founder of the most renowned and well-participated social network in the world to a girl who didn’t reciprocate his parasitic fuzzy love. If it’s really love, to begin with.

Anyway, what I’m saying is this. It’s good to watch romantic comedies and all. But be wary when you cross beyond the yellow border of being hopeless romantic. It’s momentary yet excruciating, which might bring a negative enculturation of misguided virtues.

Don’t get me wrong. I love feel-good movies. Romantic comedies hype me up. But most of the time, it prompts and stirs an unhealthy stimulation of my heart’s desire to go ahead of my profound priorities. At the end of the day, it will always be about vigilance and guarding one of the most challenging and grueling battlegrounds of life:



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