High School Nostalgia

She’s a good friend from high school, and I can never forget her because apart from being our batch valedictorian, she was my classmate since high school time immemorial. Who can? We had our memorable share of experiences, whether good or bad, together with our classmates.

We used to compete with each other’s prowess especially when school politics came across our friendship. It was, for the lack of better terms, pathetic. I never knew wisdom after high school. I was so arrogant, egocentric and demented.

Not until I met God and experienced an encounter with Him like never before. It changed my idealism and shifted my paradigm. All became history. I’m not perfect but I’m definitely God’s perfect work in progress.

I remember when we used to make clay pots in our Junior year, Pottery class, with Ma’am Lumaya. Those were the days!

Anyway. Just this morning, this good friend of mine chatted with me, and as she conferred her last-night-unforgettably-frightening experience to me, I was moved. After reading her messages as if listening live, it prompted me to just blog about it instead. Here’s her verbatim post:

Every day is truly another chance from God, we do not know if we’ll surely wake up after sleep, so I immensely thank the Lord I had another. I woke up from a nightmare and in it, I saw an evil spirit rested fixed on my chest that I can’t move and breathe. Its face was staring straight at me with its horrifying eyes. It looked like just one in Asian horror movies and from that sight, I started to panic and my legs and arms felt numb, while I struggled calling my mother subconsciously hoping she wakes me up. In the duration of my struggle, no voice came out from my mouth, not one slight sound even with all the effort I made..I didn’t stop mouthing ‘Mama’ though while I talked to God in my mind asking Him to save me and not death come upon me yet..I surely thought I was about to die. I felt it. I twitched my toes remembering what my mother always tells me that I should do when I have nightmares, while I continued calming myself from panic so as not to give in to the struggle and went on speaking to God. The duration of it was quite a while, really, it was a suffering, but after some time, I can no longer see the demon on my chest but the setting of the room with outside’s light piercing through the window. Slowly and with that clear setting I still see, my chest felt lighter and my eyes then opened. I woke up, panting heavily and with goosebumps then prayed. It’s morning now, and I had another chance. God saved me, He did not allow it, so He delivered me from evil. I amazingly felt His power, His mercy and His pure love for me, and I know my faith in Him saved me because had I not called Him and asked that I be spared again after almost 5 times of this similar situation (this was the worst struggle), my soul might be in hell now burning in the fire of agony. Thank you most merciful Father. I am your child and I will follow You. Let me follow You, Lord Jesus. You gave me this life and it is Yours. I will live only for You. – I was worldly, I’ve committed several of the mortal sins before, I cursed a lot, and I know there is a God but I didn’t care that much before, and I think you, my friends, definitely know that. I knew what was right from wrong, but I loved sin too much before to acknowledge God’s words, but some circumstances happened that led me to the right path. I was lost but I never want to be again. I am going home to where I truly belong. This life on earth is fleeting, let us not dwell in it so much, what we must prepare for is our second life – the eternal life. ♥

This didn’t just move me. Having “Empathy” as one of my key themes in my roster of strengths (Strengths Finder 2.0), it almost brought me to tears. I am just so overwhelmed and simply glad that she also encountered God.

Sometimes, we are so used to our situation that we miss out the fact of the real essence of our being. Live life as how it’s supposed to be lived. There must be no time wasted. Go back to the core of our existence. That is, to love God by worshiping Him in spirit and in truth. In other words, honor Him with what you do.

Try it and you’ll never be the same again. Experience absolute freedom in Jesus Christ today.


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