Life’s Easier with Shortcuts

As I was contemplating one night about what I am currently doing, I realized that I don’t have a pivotal focus that would bring me to wherever I’m heading to. Well, I’m just becoming so uncertain about things and I think this is becoming so unhealthy. My first key strength overwhelmed me. Adaptability, that is.

To explore is to be like a sponge. Not Sponge Bob. LOL

An epiphanic bombshell disarmed right in front of me when a friend asked me about my age, and then she just told me to explore. To explore. How profound.

Sometimes, I just want to get things done. Fast. Sometimes they end up being mediocre, but I know that I can do better.

I believe that thing right there is the problem: shortcuts. Life’s journey is determined by the seasons you experience. Moving on from one season to another is not going to be a walk in the park. It’s a challenge, which will shape your character for the good.

Suffering –> Perseverance –> Character –> Hope

Life has no shortcuts. Cutting it short is a different story and nobody wants that.


What do you think?

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