Are You A Leader?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to bring back my college and high school memories when I participated in a leadership training. As a volunteer.

The training camp was initiated by the Leadership Communities (LeadCom), Davao. One of my close friends in college, Eunice, invited me to observe for their event and I was just stoked. As soon as I arrived in their venue, I met up with new faces and some familiar participants whom I came across with in company seminars that I conduct for. It was definitely overwhelming.

Inset: Ayala Foundation launches LeadCom

I could just remember how I started being a leader when I was elected as the student government president back in my high school prime. School politics also enraptured my college days. With inevitable challenges that came my way, I realized how essential they were until today. I just miss those days.

This brings me to my topic whether leadership is taught or caught.

The topic on leadership is like motivation. You can’t motivate a person. You can only teach him/her self-motivation. If you say a lot about leading and what not, but you don’t apply it to your personal walk, you may examine yourself in the mirror and find the word, “fraud” just right above your eyebrows. It’s hypocrisy and people hate that.

Similarly, you can’t teach a person about leadership. You can only teach him/her self-leadership. In a practical sense, it’s simply leading yourself as a servant leader. It’s contagious and completely viral. You can have several definitions of leadership but it all boils down to one thing: influence.

Leadership can be taught but it’s, most of the time, caught.


What do you think?

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